After his successful health-related webinars, Robert Grant will be presenting the Reproducible Reports in Stata 2-day online short course, 10 - 11 May 2022

The course aims to expand on the studies taught in his webinars and will enable attendees to begin writing Stata scripts that automate the whole process of data cleaning, analysis and reporting, and make it reproducible! 

Many data analysts have started to adopt principles of reproducible research. In essence, the researcher crafts a script, which software can execute to retrace all steps from data cleaning, through analysis, to reporting. This brings the advantage of a clear audit trail, along with time savings when analyses must be amended or run again on new data.

Timberlake News

Health Research using Stata

A Spotlight from Dr Vincent O'Sullivan

Dr Vincent O'Sullivan has been using Stata since 2002 and began teaching it in 2004. Although he admits he is still learning new things, he is a true Stata expert. When he began using Stata, he was using Stata 5; now, we are on Stata 17, which has changed a lot since then! See how Dr O'Sullivan uses Stata for health-related research.


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Timberlake Training

Data Science for Health Practitioners: An Introduction to Stata

21 - 22 April 2022, Dr Vincent O'Sullivan

With his vast area of expertise in health research and medical statistics, this course aims to teach the fundamentals of data analysis and visualization. The participants will be introduced to two of the main data analysis tools: linear regression and logistic regression and will be taught the statistical theory behind these methods, and how to apply these methods to specially chosen datasets using examples from health research.

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2022 Stata Biostatistics and Epidemiology Virtual Symposium

7 April 2022

Join the 2022 Stata Biostatistics and Epidemiology Virtual Symposium, where researchers in biostatistics and epidemiology from around the world will discuss current research methods and implementation using Stata. The program consists of invited talks by top Stata users, and the virtual platform allows you to experience this one-day event from wherever you are. Seats are limited. Register now to learn and connect with fellow Stata users.

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Stata Summer School

11 - 16 July 2022

Our London Stata Summer school provides a very popular and flexible course framework allowing cost-effective attendance at any course separately, or the entire school. This is a great opportunity for students, academics and professionals to expand their econometrics skills and learn how they can apply econometrics and statistics from professionals pioneering research at the forefront of their specialist fields.



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